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What we do

We help you make an impact through the marketing practices we know as public relations and communications.



To launch a new business, product or service we start with really understanding what that is and who it’s going to appeal to. We then tell the story to various media, usually including a punchy press release and follow up conversations. Our goal is to get as much carefully-timed coverage as possible at the appropriate level, targeting audiences most likely to engage with your story. In some cases, this launch includes creatively crafted events.


Growing and maintaining public awareness is an intergral part of reaching more customers, clients and followers. But many small to medium organisations struggle with the resource to do it. We can help you achieve this by plugging-in to your organisation for all your public relations needs. This includes keeping you in the loop on relevant trends and getting you into those public conversations through a wide range of marketing communication tools, including conventional and social media.


For clients who want to work directly with media and other public stakeholders, we can create engaging publicity packs. aka media packs, to capture the key points that people need to know. These packs include a press release and impactful, relevant documentation that tells a clear story and offers a point of difference.



Harnessing our teams’ years of freelance writing, journalism and copywriting, we are experts at creating written pieces for print and online platforms, from opinion pieces to blogging and everything inbetween.


There is an art to making sure website content is clear, engaging, and states your point of difference to vistors. This applies to text, imagery and brand colour palettes and guidelines. Search Engine Optimisation is part of this storytelling process and we have extensive experience in this and more. We often partner with developers to significantly refresh current sites of build new ones.


The world of social media can be overwhelming for many organisations. Some service providers only offer social media placement and advertising. Others offer content only and want to pass placement on to a digital marketer. We take the confusion out of ‘social’ for you and provide creative ‘on-brand’ content that aligns with your goals and general marketing communications and public relations plans for either us or you to place. This includes images, text, video, tiles and other graphic design post needs to suit budget and your resource.


Creating fundraising content that works is about engaging hearts rather than minds. This is done through the written word, with images and video in a range of social and conventional media platforms. With extensive experience and passion for working with organisations that make a difference, we’re confident we can provide the heartwarming, impactful and call-to-action content your organisations needs to convert engagement to goals.



Coordinating external marketing communications with internal communications and everything inbetween is often tricky and leads to a silo-effect which can splinter public understanding. A lack of understanding leads to disengagment. No one wants to present a mismatch of information and off-brand image, so it’s essential that several ‘arms’ work together. We can spend time understanding your issues and advise on strategies to create and align goals. Working with small to medium-sized businesses we’re always sensitve to budget and resource.


An internal communications plan for small to medium sized teams increases a sense of involvement, willingness to engage and sense of achievement for team members. The design of an internal comms strategy aligns with an external strategy – these two time and goal based strategies that should fit seamlessly together. Internal strategies include team, excecutive, boards and stakeholder audiences. Internal comms is about informing, updating and aligning and is closely linked to business social health, such as working relationships and synergy.


External communications strategy can also be viewed as Public Relations strategy. Designed to align what the public sees and hears about the organisation, it also aligns with business planning and goals. This kind of strategy also takes into account predictable trends and media and influencer opportunities to maximise market reach, get noticed and be remembered. The external ‘events’ or touchpoints then feed into internal strategy to ensure everyone is informed.