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What we're about and why.
Making the world a better place through creative comms and purposeful public relations.

Our ability to recognise what is ethical and the willingess to stand by it with and for our clients.


We're tuned to recognise great stories and appetising pitches that media, public and other stakeholders will love.


Years of experience producing print and digital content for every kind of audience, including media.


Our ability to work creatively, collaboratively and responsively at every phase of a project.

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Kia ora koutou

We love helping enterprises, charities and businesses share their positive impact in the world. Our team uses public relations and communications to get clients and their work noticed by people that matter, when it matters and where it matters.

Take a look at our What We Do page to understand a little more on how we do just that.

I’ve always loved the art of communication – including writing, imagery, advertising and promotion. But as an 18-year-old, I followed my childhood passion for sketching clothes and reading Vogue Magazine into a career in clothing design and production.

It wasn’t until 18 years later that I began writing for magazines and newspapers about people, psychology, business, art and well-being. I absolutely loved working in media.

One day I helped some young rappers out with a press release to try and get wide coverage for their CD launch and within 24 hours of sending it, they were on national radio and taking up half a page in the most widely read national newspaper. Suddenly I was inviting VIPs and politicans to one of New Zealand’s most famous art collector’s shows, all in the name of art and mental health awareness. I gradually made the shift to the exciting world of PR and Comms full-time and still manage to fit in worthy writing projects too.

One of the most rewarding things about setting up Case Basket Comms in 2019 is that I have the privilege of bringing together some fabulous and dedicated people who are also experts in their fields – from website development to graphic design to social media. Check out samples of our client stories, press releases and media placements here at Our Stories.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have about our work, and how we can make an impact with you.


Ngā mihi nui

Sally Webster – Director