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About Us
The seeds of Case Basket Comms were sown when Sally Webster walked away from the clothing industry and into freelance writing. That soon morphed into public relations with a focus on effecting change and making a difference.
Sally Webster healthy life balance image

But why, you might ask, have I’ve picked a wild day on the beach at Waipu Cove in the North Island of New Zealand for my website profile picture?

Surely, the backdrop of a desk or a Zoom screen would be more appropriate? Well, in December 2020, after a year of global upheaval and rightful focus on health and wellbeing, I propose that an image which speaks to a healthy life outside of the corporate office, blending remote work and the great outdoors, is more on trend.

This attitude is a long way from where my business experience began. After a life dedicated to 4.30am starts in an increasingly globalised and often ethically starved clothing industry, I jumped ship and began writing about people, psychology, business, art and well-being. Sometimes I squeezed in a combination of all four.

One day I offered to write some young, cash-strapped rappers a press release – I’d work for free and give these artists more coverage than I could achieve with one story. The favour quickly translated to a half page in the Herald and a couple of slots on the radio. Then came an introduction to one of New Zealand’s most prolific Art Collectors and Critics, Warwick Brown. Weeks later, we were putting on an art and mental health awareness exhibition for a brilliant and anxious artist.

Add to that yearly Business Psychology and Marketing papers at Massey University for professional development, and the rest is history.

Now I use my skills to work on public relations with purpose, usually teaming up with some fantastic associates and specialists in their fields. Check out some of our successful client stories, press releases and media placements here at Our Stories. Naturally, we’re eternally grateful to the hardworking journalists, editors, influencers and producers who listen and share.

I encourage you to reach out for a chat about how we might work with you in 2021.

Thanks for reading and here’s to 2021!


Sally Webster – Director