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Public Relations

Case Basket Comms is a bespoke agency that helps clients reach goals AND effect lasting positive change through promotion. P.R is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing communications tool box and we use it creatively to build a strong relationship with the public.

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As well as creating and managing public relationships, Case Basket Comms works skillfully on other forms of marketing communication. We plan and write some of the best content around, from editorial to newsletters and social media content, for internal and external purposes.

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Storytelling & Content

Whatever line of business you’re in, the value you offer your customers must be communicated creatively. Case Basket Comms’ style of PR and Comms shares that value through impactful storytelling and content that both current and prospective audiences will relate to and remember.

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Sally was my first experience engaging a publicist. I was slightly sceptical wondering if the money I was investing would produce the results I needed. That scepticism quickly turned to delight when Sally went to work for me. Within a month, her skilful pitching of my brand turned every dollar I spent with her into sixteen dollars of business. I was featured on prime time TV, Radio and print platforms and was quickly considered an authority on teenagers and parenting issues. Sally is the consummate professional, helping me to continually hone my brand, clarifying my purpose and key messages. Having Sally on board was more than just business. She really came alongside me and sometimes I thought she was even more passionate about MIOMO than I was!

Yvonne Godfrey
- Speaker, Author and Founder of MIOMO


Sally has been a wonderful publicist to work with. She’s professional, follows through on what she says she will and had a clear plan of how to get the best for me and my business. She’s been an excellent communicator, honest and helpful with her feedback. She knows her stuff and I’ve felt guided and supported throughout the entire process. Her ideas and insights have been extremely useful in setting up my publishing company and getting my branding on track. She’s a great team player and a wonderful encourager. Working with her has been a pleasure.

Melissa Guyan
- Owner & Director of Forever Love Publishing


I wanted to get into the business wellbeing industry domain, to showcase my recently published book, and to publicise my knowledge and expertise in the business stress/business well-being area. Sally came highly recommended by a leading NZ author and public figure and through her work Sally increased my profile as a speaker and as an expert in business behaviour. The resulting media created a substantial media page to display my authority to prospective clients and event planners.

Linda Wells
- Business & Leadership Transformation

Great business value

PR placement for regular client
Value $15,000 +
PR placement for past client
Value $10,000 +
PR placement for regular client
Value $30,000 +
PR placement for past client
Value $10,000 +

Great social value

Protecting the planet

We value the opportunity to work on protecting, restoring and maintaining the environment with our clients and the public.

Sharing success

We love working with businesses that make a difference by giving back. We encourage this practice with everyone we work for.

Solid work ethic

We believe that success is the result of hard work, tenacity and preparation, so that when we see an opportunity, we can grab it.


Bright ideas flow when we remove the everyday restrictions in our thinking. We start by asking 'Why not?' rather than 'Why?'.


We value the opportunity to help bring about equality, safety, opportunity and well-being for all.

Mental health

We are keen advocates and supporters of those promoting mental health, business and personal well-being.