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What we do

We help you make an impact through the marketing practices we know as public relations and communications.

Our Process

We listen.

Whether we're working on a short term publicity project or a long term PR & Comms contract, the process starts with listening. As with all forms of marketing communications, establishing the real 'story' is essential.

We create.

This is an age where we're flooded with so many marketing options and media platforms. We assist by curating those options and coming up with focused, compelling angles and ideas to share and impact your public.

We deliver.

Ideas get put into action through a range of methods. They include distributing press releases and securing media placements, setting up events, creating promotional content, social media campaigns and more.

We follow through.

PR & Comms is about being tenacious, consistent and persistent. We've worked hard to build relationships with various media, while keeping our eyes open to new connections and opportunities for our clients.

We specialise in:

Public Relations


We have years of experience sharing the story of your product or service with the public through a range of media. Books, speaking events, mental health services or the new arm of an existing business – we’re experts at finding an angle and creating a strategy to share it.


Events are a great way to launch a product or service, or to build on existing public awareness. These range from bespoke speaking events to musical promotion. We often work with events experts to create the event and the material required to make an impact with your audience.


With a history in journalism, freelance writing and even copywriting, we provide top notch, well prepared and researched editorial and article content on almost any subject. Placement of even one piece of well-written content can have have a strong impact.


Naturally, press releases are a part of launch publicity. But we also create and share press releases as part of our ongoing PR & Comms packages, or on a one-off, content basis. These documents provide clear and compelling information to media and stakeholders about your entity’s activities, developments, opinions and even responses to current events.



Knowing what advertising you need to get your message across to your public can be daunting. To this end, we can buy media for you, while helping you understand a broad landscape that features older staples like radio, TV and print, to newer staples like social media and digital advertising. This is often a component of publicity and ongoing communications.


Using our little team of design and copy experts and associates, we can confidently create digital, social media, print, billsticker, billboard, radio and TV advertising to garner great results and sit seamlessly alongside your PR and communications messages.


While social media advertising is a subset of advertising in general, it is possibly the most popular and accessible forms of paying to reach new and existing customers around. We work both directly on creating and managing content and placement of advertising, and with superb social media specialists where required.



When organisations grow, internal communications should too and it’s important for your success that everyone in your business community stays connected to each other and your goals. There are many ways to create this valuable engagement.


Communicating strategically with media, government or business stakeholders, sponsors, and other external bodies is an important function of both public relations and communications. This includes targeted communiques to lobby, fundraise, update, thank or even generate a sense of community.


Coordinating internal and external strategies, including publicity and advertising, is key in presenting a streamlined experience – whatever line of work you’re in. This communications road map is essential to staying on track with goals and aspirations.


Raising money is a rewarding but nonetheless challenging task. Right from the start, the job can be made easier by understanding what funders are looking for, and how to speak meaningfully to them. We have years of experience with charities and value any opportunity to work on fundraising communications.